State Intimate Partner Violence-Related Firearm Laws and Intimate Partner Homicide Rates in the United States, 1991 to 2015

October 17, 2017 | By Carolina Díez, BA, Rachel P. Kurland, Emily F. Rothman, ScD, Megan Bair-Merritt, MD, MSCE, Eric Fleegler, MD, MPH, Ziming Xuan, ScD, SM, MA, Sandro Galea, MD, DrPH, MPH, Craig S. Ross, PhD, MBA, Bindu Kalesan, PhD, MPH, MSc, Kristin A. Goss, PhD, MPP, Michael Siegel, MD, MPH

Annals of Internal Medicine

To prevent intimate partner homicide (IPH), some states have adopted laws restricting firearm possession by intimate partner violence (IPV) offenders. “Possession” laws prohibit the possession of firearms by these offenders. “Relinquishment” laws prohibit firearm possession and also explicitly require offenders to surrender their firearms. Few studies have assessed the effect of these policies.

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