Lethality Risk Factors Series: Pregnancy Abuse and Reproductive Coercion

March 18, 2024 | By Dr. Carolyn West, University of Tacoma Washington, Dr. Kamila Alexander, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

Pregnancy abuse and reproductive coercion pose as lethality risk factors for intimate partner homicide as they indicate a heightened level of control and manipulation within an abusive relationship, escalating the potential for lethal violence. The interference with a partner’s reproductive autonomy during pregnancy contributes to an environment of increased danger and power imbalance, elevating the overall risk of intimate partner homicide. This is the final webinar of the 5-part DV RISC Lethality Risk Factors Webinar Series, highlighting the research behind pregnancy abuse and reproductive coercion as lethality risk factors, identifying how pregnancy abuse and reproductive coercion are addressed in specific IPV risk assessments, and recognizing practical steps that can be taken once they’ve been flagged on a risk assessment.


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