Intimate Partner Violence Risk Assessment Validation Study: The RAVE Study

December 1, 2005 | By Janice Roehl, Chris O’Sullivan, Daniel Webster, and Jacquelyn Campbell


There is an increasing demand for accurate risk assessment in the field of domestic violence. To respond to this demand, agencies dealing with victims and offenders have adopted a number of mechanisms to identify high-risk cases in order to direct scarce resources and intensive services to those most in need. There is also the need for abused victims to be aware of the level of danger the abuser presents to them. The central purpose of this study was to assess the accuracy of several different approaches to predicting risk of future harm or lethality in domestic violence cases. Four methods were tested: Danger Assessment (DA), DV-MOSAIC, Domestic Violence Screening Instrument (DVSI), and Kingston Screening Instrument for Domestic Violence (K-SID).

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