Colorado’s Innovative Response to Domestic Violence Offender Treatment: Current Achievements and Recommendations for the Future

February 1, 2015 | By Angela R. Gover, Tara N. Richards, and Elizabeth A. Tomsich

University of Colorado-Denver: Buechner Institute for Governance

The Domestic Violence Offender Management Board (DVOMB) is mandated by the Colorado legislature to ensure the effectiveness of domestic violence offender treatment in Colorado by overseeing the implementation and evaluation of the Standards for Treatment with Court Ordered Domestic Violence Offenders (referred to hereafter as Standards). This report reviews the process and risk assessment tool (Domestic Violence Risk and Needs Assessment – referred to hereafter as DVRNA) used in Colorado to assign domestic violence offenders
to treatment intensity levels at intake and the decision-making processes regarding treatment outcomes. This report further informs the DVOMB as to multiple stakeholders’ views (treatment victim advocates, probation officers, and domestic violence treatment providers) about the implementation of the Standards. Finally, interviews with members of multi-disciplinary treatment teams (MTTs) highlighted several opportunities for strategic improvement of domestic violence offender treatment in Colorado. We present stakeholder employment of and fidelity to the state Standards, highlight current achievements, and provide actionable recommendations for improving upon the current model of domestic violence treatment in Colorado.


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