Lethality Risk Factors Series: Firearms

Firearms is a is a significant lethality risk factor for intimate partner homicide, as the presence of firearms increases the potential for lethal violence. The availability of firearms amplifies the danger in abusive relationships, posing a heightened threat to the safety of victims. This is part 4 of the DV RISC Lethality Risk Factors Webinar … Continued

Factsheet on Stalking and Firearms

Stalking and firearms are top risk factors for intimate partner homicide. This factsheet looks at the intersection between stalking and firearms, and its’ relation to intimate partner homicide.

Armed, Prohibited and Violent at Home: Implementation and Enforcement of Restrictions on Gun Possession by Domestic Violence Offenders in Four U.S. Localities

Firearms increase the risk of lethality in violent intimate relationships. Policies that restrict access to firearms by respondents to civil domestic violence protective orders (DVROs) are associated with reductions in intimate partner homicide, yet there is scant literature about how such prohibitions are implemented. We document how four localities are implementing gun possession prohibitions that … Continued

State Intimate Partner Violence-Related Firearm Laws and Intimate Partner Homicide Rates in the United States, 1991 to 2015

To prevent intimate partner homicide (IPH), some states have adopted laws restricting firearm possession by intimate partner violence (IPV) offenders. “Possession” laws prohibit the possession of firearms by these offenders. “Relinquishment” laws prohibit firearm possession and also explicitly require offenders to surrender their firearms. Few studies have assessed the effect of these policies.