Risk Factors of Female Intimate Partner and Non-Intimate Partner Homicides

March 8, 2018 | By Ismael Loinaza, Isabel Marzabalb, Antonio Andrés-Pueyoa

The European Journal of Psychology Applied to Legal Context

The most alarming type of intimate partner violence is homicide. Violence risk assessment of intimate partner violent offenders is a common topic in police and prison contexts with the aim of preventing recidivism and fatal results. The purpose of this study was to analyze whether men who kill their intimate partner (intimate partner homicide – IPH) present different risk factors from those who kill women outside of a relationship (non-intimate partner homicide – nonIPH). The crime characteristics of 30 attempted or completed IPHs that were sentenced in Catalonia (Spain) between 2004 and 2009 are described. Moreover, the risk factors of 21 completed IPHs and 20 non-IPHs were compared using the RisCanvi, an actuarial risk assessment tool used in the Catalan prison context to manage inmates.

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