Intimate Partner Violence and Risk Assessment: A Systematic Review

May 1, 2022 | By Deborah Koetzle, Irina Fanarraga, and Jennifer Yang

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

The current study was designed to assess the utility of recidivism risk assessments for individuals charged with, or convicted of, Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in pretrial settings. Building on prior reviews, the researchers completed a systematic review and meta-analysis of risk assessments among IPV aggressors to summarize their predictive validity in multiple types of recidivism, including IPV, other violence, and general recidivism. Results suggest that the use of validated risk assessments can provide important information to jurisdictions seeking to assess the likelihood of future crime for individuals charged with IPV, including within pretrial settings. In selecting a risk assessment tool for implementation, jurisdictions should consider both the predictive validity of the instrument along with practical considerations including ease of use, cost, and fit with local characteristics and practices. Included in this report is a summary of each instrument, delineating the main features of each tool and considerations to be kept in mind when deciding on the adoption of an IPV risk assessment tool.


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