Identifying Risk to Children in Domestic Violence Cases

Identifying risk to children in domestic violence cases is a growing area of concern for jurisdictions and many sites have expressed a need for more information in this area. In this webinar, Darren Mitchell, DV RISC consultant and National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ)  fellow, presents on identifying risk to children in … Continued

Recognizing Risks to Children as Victims of Domestic Homicide

In this podcast, Kathryn Ford, the Center for Court Innovation’s director of Child Witness Initiatives, discusses child homicide in the context of domestic violence with Dr. Peter Jaffe, a psychologist at Western University in Ontario, Canada, and an internationally-renowned expert on children’s exposure to domestic violence. Among the topics they cover are the prevalence of … Continued

Domestic Violence Risk Assessment And The Family Court

This webinar commences with a discussion of various perspectives (advocacy, judicial, family law attorneys, court administrator, intimate partner violence victim/survivor) on family court systems. Dr. Websdale addresses the significance of intimate partner violence in family court, the importance of assessing the extent, context, and meaning of such violence, and the relevance and possible usefulness of … Continued

Exploring the Intersection Between Violence Against Women and Children from the Perspective of Parents Convicted of Child Homicide

Violence against women and violence against children are distinct research fields. Quantitative studies have demonstrated their intersection, but qualitative data provides an opportunity for a comprehensive understanding of this interface. Interviews with 22 parents/caregivers convicted of child homicide provided an opportunity to explore the context of violent experiences in their lives including their use of … Continued

Children and Domestic Homicide: Understanding the Risks

This Brief highlights risk assessment, risk management, and safety planning for children exposed to domestic violence (DV) and at risk of lethality. The Brief provides a definition of child domestic homicide and identifies specific risk factors for children killed in the context of DV. The unique role of professionals working with children exposed to DV … Continued