A Sample of Predominately African American Domestic Violence Victims Response to Objective Risk Assessments

Most stakeholders agree domestic abuse is a problem. Many agree the need to assess for abuse risk is important.  Some value the usefulness of objective risk assessment measures. But what if all stakeholders worked to merge objective risk assessments and victim risk perceptions to solidify safety?  During this process, additional research is needed to understand … Continued

“You Do Not Think of Me as a Human Being”: Race and Gender Inequities Intersect to Discourage Police Reporting of Violence against Women

Intimate partner violence (IPV) and sexual violence (SV) are drivers of women’s morbidity and mortality in urban environments yet remain among the most underreported crimes in the USA. Twenty-six in-depth interviews were conducted with women who experienced past-year IPV or SV, to explore structural and community influences on police contact in Baltimore, MD. Results indicate … Continued