Lethality Risk Factors Series: Stalking

Stalking inflicts severe emotional and psychological harm on victims, often causing heightened anxiety, fear, and a pervasive sense of insecurity. Stalking serves as a significant risk factor for intimate partner homicide, as it often indicates escalating violence and a heightened level of danger within the relationship. This is part 1 of the DV RISC Lethality … Continued

Factsheet on Stalking and Firearms

Stalking and firearms are top risk factors for intimate partner homicide. This factsheet looks at the intersection between stalking and firearms, and its’ relation to intimate partner homicide.

Risk Assessment in Stalking Cases

Stalking is a high risk factor for intimate partner homicide. In this webinar by Jennifer Landhuis, Director of Stalking Prevention Awareness and Resource Center (SPARC), she describes how risk assessments can be used in stalking cases.